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This site is a collection of my work throughout the years. It includes digital artwork, computer programs, and my resume. All of this work is free to use or modify as you wish. Generally, programs and artwork are released under a GNU or Creative Commons type license. Practically speaking, if you use the image sample image in one of your projects, give credit where its due. If you copy Fibonacci.j line for line and give it to your professor as your own, that's on you. Licenses can be found in each project's documentation.

Finally, this website is under construction. There will be tweaks and additions, especially under Graphics and Programs. You can contact me at


an image of my resume

Industrial Electrician


an image of 1's and 0's

This section is an extension of my resume. Of particular note are several programs written for Programmable Logic Controllers. There are several programs that students may find helpful in an introductory programming class. There are some programs that might help you solve a difficult administrative task. Programming languages include Java, C-Sharp, Perl, and even some assembly. Programs are distributed as source code, you're going to need to compile and run them on your own.

Featured Software

Simple Binary Converter is a console based program written in C-Sharp that converts a number to its binary equivalent. It uses a simple algorithm that recursively divides the input number by two while checking for remainders.

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an image of a picture frame

Years ago I was tasked with the maintenance of decently sized website. Budgetary constraints made it impossible to license images, artwork, and especially, to hire a graphic artist. With this problem in mind I set out to Learn Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. When those software licenses became economically prohibitive, I learned to use the GNU Image Manipulation Program to edit photographs and Inkscape to make illustrations. When that job was done I kept making digital art. Here are some of my favorites.

Featured Artwork

an image of a lock

A picture of a lock. This was taken with a digital camera and is one of my first Photoshop projects. I spent hours trying to edit out the background. At some point I realized placing a sheet of black construction paper behind the object made editing much easier.

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